Talk I gave as part of the Grad & Postdoc Scholarly Talk series. All opinions are mine and not necessarily representative of the faculty and staff at UC San Diego. I hope I said something useful.
These are my personal reflections on publishing papers, good practices, and the peer-review process in general. These opinions are my own and do not reflect those of UC San Diego or any organization but me.
This is a lecture I have given several times and finally decided to record it. My approach to scientific writing with guidance inspired by Steven Pinker, George Whitesides, and Anne Lamott. I hope you find something in here useful or interesting!
My take on working with people in professional and personal environments with allusions to Dale Carnegie, The Simpsons, Game of Thrones, and Star Wars.

In this short video, I describe the tactics I used (or wish I used) to do well as a student. This is only advice if you choose to take it as such :) 

These are my personal reflections and advice on teaching delivered to engineering graduate students and postdocs in May 2017 at UC San Diego.
Time management as a graduate student, postdoc, or professional. Grad and Postdoc Scholarly Talk Series, UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering, Prof. Darren Lipomi
Hints for teaching assistants (and professors). Please consult with your course instructor before adopting any of these suggestions as policies. Lecture recorded for the Grad & Postdoc Scholarly Talk Series.
Grad & Postdoc talk series by Darren Lipomi on increasing the probability of creativity in science and technology
Grad and postdoc scholarly and professional talk series on unconventional, non-traditional careers for PhDs. Teaching, government, policy, journalism, consulting, and patent law.
My thoughts on promoting your research, working with journalists, and posting your work on social media. I also cover some controversies I've been involved with.
Advice on getting into graduate school in science and engineering. My take on the importance (or lack thereof) of GPA, GRE, letters of recommendation, personal statement, and fellowships. I hope something here is useful.
Advice on giving effective presentations for scientists and engineers.
My experience using active learning, peer instruction, and a flipped classroom at UC San Diego.
Experiences as both an applicant and as a reviewer of faculty job applications. This talk is geared toward tenure track faculty positions in science and engineering, but I touch on other aspects of the job search as well.