NANO 101 - Introduction to Nanoengineering: WI17, W18

Overview of course, "what is nanoengineering?", size-confinement effects.

Laplace pressure, present-day nanotechnology, top-down vs. bottom up, and light-matter interactions. Correction: at 8:20 I said and wrote "10 nm" but meant "1 nm." That is, an air bubble in water with a radius of 1 nm has a Laplace pressure of 145 MPa.

Light-matter interactions, photoluminescence, beta-carotene, and why are carrots orange? (Replaces low-res version previously uploaded.) 

3D particle in a box, photoluminescence from quantum dots, quantum dot solar cells, quantum dot diffuser panels for LCD technologies. 

Counting to ten in organic chemistry, functional groups, micelles, and electrostatic and dipolar self-energy.

Van der Waals forces between molecules and particles.

Van der Waals forces between particles, electric double layer forces.

Wrapping up EDL forces, DLVO curves, effect of electrolyte.

Introduction to digital technology, binary, and logic. Nanoscale information storage media. 

Introduction to micro/nanofabrication; silicon production, photolithography 

Nanofabrication, e-beam and photolithography, Moore's law, double-patterning.

Nanoscale processes in solar cells; conventional vs. excitonic solar cells. 

Introduction to polymers for nanoengineering: molecular weight, step-growth vs. chain-growth, and radius of gyration.

Sizes of polymers in solution and micro/nanostructure in the solid state. 

Thermomechanical properties of polymers and the micro/nano/molecular transitions that occur. 

Primer on protein structure, flexible bioelectronics, and use of silk in implantable electronics.

Introduction to nucleic acid structure, biotechnological applications, sequencing, genomics.

Overview of strategies for nanoparticle drug delivery.

Introduction to nanomedicine.

Lecture on nanobiosensors and design criteria.

Introduction to nanobiophotonics: scattering and surface plasmon resonance.

Penultimate lecture for NANO 101 Introduction to Nanoengineering

Last class before final exam and pep talk about nanoengineering.